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Idex of the Economy of Montenegro
Economic Development of Montenegro
Montenegro,  an Ecological State
Uniqueness of Montenegro
Montenegro, an Off Shore State
Montenegrin Stock Exchange
Economy of Federal Republic Yugoslavia
Addresses in Federal Republic Yugoslavia
Foreign Investment and Companies Law
Montenegrin Industrial Restructuring and Foreign Investment Agency
BE ECOLOGICAL- Invest in Montenegro
Investment Possibilities: TOURISM
Investment Possibilities: WATERS
Investment Possibilities: AGRICULTURE
Investment Possibilities: INFRASTRUCTURE
Investment Possibilities / Transport (Ports-Airports-Railroads-Roads)
Proposed Belgrade-Bar highway and Kotor-Budva-Herrceg Novi crossing
Investment Possibilities in Roads
  1. Eastern and Western alternatives of the motor way.
  2. Sozina Tunnel
  3. The Verige Strait in the Boka Kotorska Bay
Two possibilities exist for the highway branch north of Podgorica, the so called eastern and western variants. Along this road, the multi-purpose Sozina tunnel would be used by both trains and automobiles. Water-lines, oil pipelines and postal communication lines would also go through it. There are two alternative plans to span the Bay of Kotor and link Budva and Herceg Novi. One is to build a bridge at the narrowest part, 'Verige', where a ferry currently operates, the other is to dig a tunnel through the sea bottom.
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