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Idex of the Economy of Montenegro
Economic Development of Montenegro
Montenegro,  an Ecological State
Uniqueness of Montenegro
Montenegro, an Off Shore State
Montenegrin Stock Exchange
Economy of Federal Republic Yugoslavia
Addresses in Federal Republic Yugoslavia
Foreign Investment and Companies Law
Montenegrin Industrial Restructuring and Foreign Investment Agency
BE ECOLOGICAL- Invest in Montenegro
Investment Possibilities: TOURISM
Investment Possibilities: WATERS
Investment Possibilities: AGRICULTURE
Investment Possibilities: INFRASTRUCTURE
Montenegrin Industrial Restructuring and Foreign Investment Agency        Be Ecological-INVEST IN MONTENEGRO 
  • where you will findBecici Beach near Budva 
  • freedom of ownership 
  • freedom of investment 
  • freedom of capital gain 
  • freedom of capital circulation 
  • where opportunity exist in 
  • Tourism: hotels, health spas, hunting/fishing, trekking, water sports, winter sports ... 
  • Beach 'Veliki Pijesak' near Bar Agriculture: organic production of fruit and vegetables for export, traditional specialties (Njegos cheese and smoked ham, grape brandy, mountain mutton, olive oil) wine, medicinal herbs ... 
  • Water: mineral water, potable water, water as energy source ... 
  • Industry: energy production, mining, shipping ... 
  • Mineral resources: bauxite, decorative stone, coal, cement, peat ... 
  • Transport and Communications: Port of Bar, roads, rail, telecommunications ... 
To find out more, about the tax incentives, the raw materials, the labour costs, the locations, and for expert advice from highly qualified and multi-lingual personnel, contact 
Montenegrin Industrial Restructuring and Foreign Investment Agency 
Jovana Tomasevica bb 
81000 Podgorica 
Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 
Tel: +381 (0)81 52 023/42 450 
Fax: +381 (0)81 45 756
Mr Jovan Mihailovic
Mandavile Place/88 Wigmore Street
London W1
Tel: 0171 935 3433
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