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Vojislavljevics- the First Montenegrin Dynasty
Nemanjic's Rule
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Old Montenegro
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Prince Bishop (Vladika) Danilo - The Founder of Petrovic Dynasty
Scepan the Small
Petar I Petrovic Njegos
Petar II Petrovic Njegos
Prince Danilo Petrovic
King Nicholas I 
Unification of Montenegro and Serbia (Podgorica's  Assembly)
Montenegro in Yugoslavia
The Regions (Nahije) of Old Montenegro

Borders of Montenegro from the first half of XVI centuryThe Old Montenegro (Stara Crna Gora) comprised Katunska (the bigest), Rijecka (the richest), Crmnicka, and Ljesanska nahija. Some authors (M.Bolica, Turkish defters, Vladika Vasilije) also include Pjesivce and sometimes other nahijas but this classifications faded away eventually.  

   Katunska nahija has nine clans (tribes): Cetinje, Njegusi, Ceklici, Bjelice, Cuce (Velje i Male), Ozrinice (Cevljani), Pjesivci (Gornji i Donji),Zagarac (Gornji i Donji), and Komani (Komani, in a narrow sense Bandici).  

   Rijecka nahija has five clans (tribes): Ceklin (Gornji i Donji), Ljubotinj (Gornji i Donji), Gradjani, Dobrsko Selo, and Kosijeri.  

   Ljesanska nahija in an unfinished grouping of clans (tribes) has following clans: Drazevina, Gradac, Buronje.  

   Crmnicka nahija is divided on: Podgor, Dupilo, Brcele, Gluhi Do, Sotonice, Limljani and Boljevice.  

Source: Djoko Pejovic, Crna Gora u doba Petra I i Petra II, Beograd, 1981, p.14.  

Guvernadur Radonjic in 1711 wrote to Maria Teresia, that Montenegro is divided in five regions (nahija-Pjesivci included). They are governed by 5 Grand Dukes (serdari), 9 Dukes (vojvoda), and 34 Princes (kneza). Furthermore he suggested that Serdars have very important role and should be paid twice as much as Vojvodas (Zapisi, 1939, Cetinje). 

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