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Index of Montenegrin History
Quotes About Montenegrin History
Origins of Montenegrins
Vojislavljevics- the First Montenegrin Dynasty
Nemanjic's Rule
Balsics' Rule
Crnojevics' Rule
Old Montenegro
Prince Bishops' Rule
Prince Bishop (Vladika) Danilo - The Founder of Petrovic Dynasty
Scepan the Small
Petar I Petrovic Njegos
Petar II Petrovic Njegos
Prince Danilo Petrovic
King Nicholas I
Unification of Montenegro and Serbia (Podgorica's  Assembly)
Montenegro in Yugoslavia
History of Montenegro - Introduction

"Capital of stone - ray of light - Montenegro - history, the only nationality of yours is the man and his dignity, and only true history of yours is insubordination to evil and faith in ethical values-sum of your spirituality"

"...Montenegro's role in Balkan affairs has been slightened by Western historical literature... inquiries into the nature of Europe's power keg have frequently sidestepped Montenegro in order to tackle the seemingly more substantive and controversial case of Serbia" (John D. Treadway, The Falcon & Eagle, Montenegro and Austria-Hungary, 1908-1918, Purdue University Press, West Lafayette, Indiana, 1983). 

"On the map the Montenegro looks like a mere pin head, but the point to that pin became an unendurable irritation in Turkey's side and helped to save Europe from entire domination by the Orient" (Whitney Warren, Montenegro: The Crime of the Peace Conference, 1922, Brentano's, New York). 

In his excellent history of 'The Balkans since 1453', L.S. Stavrianos acknowledged that "the role of Montenegro in South Slav and general Balkan affairs was quite out of proportion to her ridiculously meager material resources (1958, Rinehart, New York). 

"We lack Austria's strength, but we are a small, courageous people. We, the falcons of the Black Mountains, yearn to soar ahead of Austria's eagles (A letter of Nicholas (Nikola) I to Baron Giesl, 1911).

THEY rose to where their sovereign eagle sails,
They kept their faith, their freedom, on the height,
O smallest among peoples! rough rock-throne
Of Freedom! warriors beating back the swarm
Great Tsernogora! never since thine own
(Alfred Lord Tennyson, " Montenegro", Nineteenth Century, 1877)

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