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St. Jovan Vladimir of Doclea (22 May)

Saint Jovan VladimirSt. Jovan Vladimir was a prince from the Vojislavljevics' dynasty (father Hvalimir and grandfather Petrislav). As a ruler, Jovan was 'wise, merciful, tame, meek, and brave' (Lazarica, Journal of the Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Prince Lazar in Birmingham, no.139, November 1996 p. 30). 'During his life, he built many churches and prayed to the God affectionately' (ibid.). 

Prince Jovan fought many hard battles with the internal and the external enemies. The internal enemies were Bogomils and heretics, whereas the external enemies were the conquerors, tzars Samuilo and Vasilije. 

On one occasion, tzar Samuilo deceptively captured Jovan Vladimir and imprisoned him indefinitely. However, according to the legend ('The Legend about Vladimir and Kosara') given in the famous Kingdom of Slavs (Regnum Sclavorum) of an unknown Benedictine priest, during his imprisonment years, Jovan was confronted by an angel foretelling him his destiny. The prediction reckoned that Jovan would be freed soon but would nevertheless die as a martyr. 

As time in prison went by, tzar Samuel (Samuilo) began to like Jovan and gave his beloved daughter Kosara to be his wife. 

After the death of tzar Samuilo, his son Radomir became a tzar. In the power struggle tzar Radomir was killed by his half- brother Radomir Vladislav. Moreover, Radomir Vladislav used a deception to meet Jovan Vladimir and slayed him cowardly in 1015. 

The relics of St. Jovan Vladimir are resting intact in his monastery near Elbasan. It is alleged that over the centuries, and even nowadays, the monastery has been the source of countless miracles (ibid.). 

In 1925, a church devoted to crown martyr of St. Jovan Vladimir was built near monastery of St. Naum where Saint Jovan was once a founder. 

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