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Otto Stolz

Montenegrin language, and orthography


thank you for providing valuable information on the Montenegrin language, and orthography.

Your page on “Montenegrin Alphabet” says:

Montenegrin Latin Alphabet - The letters numbered 26, 31, and 33
are not officialy recognized in Montenegro (do not exist in Serbian
language) even though they are present in spoken language in Montenegro

according to <http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montenegrinische_Sprache>, and <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montenegrin_language>, the government has adopted a revised othography (some time after July 2009), and the parliament has decided to make this mandatory in Montenegrin schools, starting in autumn 2010.

The two sources cited supra disagree on which additional characters actually have been adopted in the revised orthography: de.wikipedia says, “ś” and “ź” (your numbers 26 and 33) had been both proposed and adopted; en.wikipedia says, they had been pro- posed, but the government had adopted a different orthography. Your number 31 is not mentioned, by any of these sources.

Could you shed some light on this issue? I would like to know which characters, both Latin and Cyrillic, are actually used in the official orthography, as well as in competing orthographtes, if any. Furthermore, I would like to know the correspondence between the Latin, and Cyrillic, letters, as used in Montenegrin. Would you be so kind as to either answer my questions via e-mail, or to point me to some reliable, preferably on-line, source on the new orthography?

You also may wish to update your page to reflect the recent decisions discussed supra.

Thank you, again,
and best wishes,
  Otto Stolz

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