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Anthony Rizzo
RE: Kosovo

Dear Editor

Touché’!  I’ll be sure not to trust completely the output when I next “throw” 
my letters
“through” my spell-checker.  Now that we’ve attacked each others grammar and 
spelling, let us get back to the real issues.

At the risk of repeating myself, how in God’s name can anyone support a 
regime that is depopulating a territory the size of a small country?  If the 
concertgoers of Montenegro are unaware of the true facts, then I owe them an 
apology.  But if they do believe that Milosevic is capable of such barbarism 
(and he is), and if they believe he is “ethnically cleansing” Kosovo of 
Albanians (and he is), and they continue to wave his portraits in support of 
him, then they deserve their fate (whatever that may be). 

Now let me address your next point.  I find it difficult to believe that 
Balkan politics is
more complex than the politics of a nation that manages an 8 trillion dollar 
GDP and is composed of 275 million multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and 
multi-religious people.  In fact, in my humble opinion, Balkan politics is 
really quite simple.  It is a long, endless story of bigotry, intolerance and 
brutality.  It is an endless struggle for power of one homogeneous people 
over another.  This is not a complicated story.  Granted, the US has its own 
history of bigotry and intolerance, but it is recognized and admitted by most 
people.  Humanity has a dark side to it, and that dark side of humanity knows 
no national borders.  The difference between the US and a country like 
Yugoslavia, is that, in the US, a good faith effort has been made to develop 
institutions that combat bigotry and intolerance.  It is not perfect, but it 
helps more people than it hurts.  In Yugoslavia, your institutions are being 
used to foster bigotry and intolerance on a scale not seen in Europe since 
Hitler.  This is simple politics in its lowest form.

There are no guarantees in life.  The assurances you seek I cannot give, as I 
am a simple “net surfer” and not a member of President Clinton’s government. 
However, I don’t subscribe to “conspiracy” theories.  I doubt the side deals 
you imply have been
pre-arranged.  I do believe the map of the Balkans will be redrawn, but that 
will be
decided by the US and its allies and not Milosevic.  Milosevic may or may not 
remain, but all signs point to his rapid demise;  that much appears to have 
been pre-ordained by the West.

Finally and unfortunately, Serbia will pay a heavy price for Milosevic.  That 
is generally the fate of a people who allow such dictators to run amok.  Your 
country too is in grave danger.  I hope your concertgoers wave Milosevic’s 
portrait out of ignorance of the true facts than out of support for his 
actions, otherwise they too will pay an unfortunately heavy price.  But 
please understand one thing, nobody I meet during the course of my day is 
happy about this war, nor have I met anyone who wishes harm on the people of 
the Balkans.  The overriding opinion is one of inevitability.  Inevitability 
of war and inevitability that NATO will prevail.


Anthony Rizzo


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