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Re: Kosovo
Dear Mr. Rizzo 

We are grateful to you for the suggestion about merits of using "wrong" opinion. 
Since you too seem to be grateful "for setting you straight", allow us to try once 
more. We have never written that "your opinion was wrong". Instead we wrote, that 
"your interpretations of the target and the aim of concert goers are both wrong in 
our opinion". In any case your remarks are welcome since we don't mind repeating 
the grammar lectures given that English is not our first language. 

More importantly, is our ire towards NATO misguided? Are the concert goers 
misguided too? Given the extent of NATO and Serbian propaganda one cannot blame 
entirely the concert goers, or indeed your compatriots for that matter, if they 
are misguided . As far as we are concerned, directing our ire towards Mr. 
Milosevic, as you suggest, would certainly seem to be strengthening NATO case and 
justify its actions. If, God forbid, Mr. Milosevic decided to ignite a civil war 
in Montenegro your case would seem to be even more rock solid. 

However, the Balkan politics is likely to be more complex than great majority of 
your compatriots may contemplate. It is rarely what is seems to be. We hope you don't 
mind us asking you a few questions and give you an opportunity to enlighten us. 
Are you sure that your administration would want Mr. Milosevic toppled now as 
media may suggest? Can you assure us that Mr. Milosevic hasn't forged a deal with 
your administration to rearrange the ethnic composition of Kosovo and perhaps 
wider area? Can you also assure us that the current NATO bombing doesn't represent 
a kind of diplomatic cover for the possible deal over Kosovo and 'near abroad'? 
How would you describe your compatriots and yours country's foreign policy that led 
Albanians to welcome bombing of Yugoslavia, if anything above asked has 

In several years time, when Mr. Holbrooke or Milosevic write their memoirs, our 
present conversation may look very naive. Not to mention after 30 years when 
documents will be declassified, if we are still around though. Yet, since the 
victors write a history, the course of events may justify your theories, albeit to 
the extent. That is, US may preserve the credibility of NATO and also insure 
relatively stable Europe. That nonetheless, begs a question: at what price? We 
suspect, but hope to be wrong, that all the people in the region will pay a very 
heavy price for decades to come. That is tantamount to say "we are all target". 

In regards the "thought for us" about "throughing", we suspect that both the Serbs 
and Albanians have over-elaborated these thoughts and we are seeing the results 
now. They both always wanted to get rid of each other. We are nevertheless 
grateful to your reminder "to read a bit of history" and hope that Montenegrins 
will indeed be wise to draw lessons from their own history and not to repeat 
mistakes of the past. Lessons from history books are immensely useful for the 
people of the country which strives to defend itself, as you have rightly 
suggested. That may not be bad text either for the people in the country that 
favors bombing the others into submission, may we add? 

Kind Regards 

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