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Milan Nikolic 
Foundation of "Montenegro Forum UK" 

Following assemblies of Montenegrins living in the UK on 22nd October, 5th and 12th November 2001 in London, an Initiating Comity has founded a Charitable Association "Montenegro Forum UK" on 19th November 2001. The Montenegro Forum UK is a non-profit, international association representing citizens of Montenegro and their friends living in the UK devoted to affirmation and enhancement of Montenegrin values and glorious heritage. The Forum supports the following basic principles, concepts and activities embedded it its constitution: 

· Equal rights for all Montenegrin citizens regardless of their ethnicity, religious or political orientation.
· It is nongovernmental and charitable association. 
· Promotion of freedom to analyse, discuss, and criticise events, issues and actions related to Montenegrin cultural, spiritual, economic, and other aspects of life. 
· Gathering, creation and dissemination of information related to the cultural and historical legacy of Montenegro to the UK and world public as well as economic potential and dazzling natural beauty. 
· Simulation, organisation, and presentation of discussions and activities contributing to scholarly, cultural, educational and other developments related to Montenegro or Montenegrin and Anglo-Montenegrin Institutions. 
· Assistance in organisation of charitable and humanitarian activities related to citizens of Montenegro at home or abroad as well as to Montenegrin institutions. 
· Advancement of cultural, educational, economic and other ties between Britain and Montenegro.
An auxiliary purpose of the Forum is to provide its Members with a variety of communication channels, including e-mail, audio, video, letters, press releases, regular meetings, cultural and social affairs, exhibits and with services helpful to Memberís professional and social development and advancement. In addition, the Forum will strive to help those individuals and institutions who want to participate in scientific, academic, medical, sport, economic and other forms of cooperation between Great Britain and Montenegro. 

As the age we live in requires, Montenegro Forum will be extensively relaying on the Internet World Wide Web. This rapidly expanding and powerful communication tool will allow us to present our materials and to keep our Members and a word wide audience objectively informed about current events in/about Montenegro. In addition, the openness and interactive nature of this media will enable our Members and readers to communicate among themselves, as well as to voice their uncensored reactions to the events related to Montenegro, its citizens at home and abroad, and  friends. Should you think that our principles and activities are compatible with your set of values, we invite you to share with us not only privilege but also the responsibility of being a member of Montenegro Forum. We do think that talented and spirited individual patriots working for a common goal, can advance our small project beyond its conceptual stage. 

Following recommendations of the Members of the Initiating Committee, the assembly held on 19th November 2001 in London has unanimously adopted the Forum's Constitution and elected an Executive Committee as follows: 

Mrs. Radmila Daniell - Chairwomen, 
Mr. Zeljko Radojevic - Secretary, and 
Mr. Sasa Sukovic - treasurer. 

The next session of Montenegro Forum UK will be held on 27th November 2001, between 19.00 PM and 21.00 PM, at Westminster University, 309 Regent Street, Board room, First Floor, London, W1B 2UW. 

London: 19-11-2001 

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